Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I want to work with a private post-secondary counselor?

A: More individualized attention through the process and keeping your student focused on important dates and deadlines.  As a private post-secondary advisor, I am able to dedicate time gaining the knowledge necessary to assist students at a high level.

Q:  How many sessions do people typically need through the post-secondary process?

A: It depends.  The a-la-carte fee structure allows students and parents to customize the experience dependent on need.  Each session is approximately 45-60 minutes and sessions are focused on the student.

Q:  What platforms are used to meet virtually?

A:  Microsoft Teams and Skype are currently the mainstream video chat services that I utilize.  Zoom and Google Meets impose a 30-40 minute time limit.

Q:  Can you get my child into college?

A:  The simple answer is no.  Your child is doing the school work, participating in the activities and building a post-secondary portfolio.  Neither parents nor I can "get a child into college".  However, I will provide information, perspective and support students and parents through the post-secondary process.

Q:  Do you mostly work with students during grades 11 and 12?

A:  While many families mainly focus on the post-secondary process at the start of grade 11 and continue through grade 12, families should consider preparing for post-secondary options as early as 9th grade course selection in 8th grade.  Students begin building a high school transcript in 9th grade and course selection/course recommendations are important.